Monday, February 25, 2008

Been Busy Lately!

Has been a while since I have even been on the computer to do anything but school work. I have been working 8-5 Monday thru Friday including going to school till 10pm Tuesday and Thursday Evenings. So needless to say all the sleeping in while I was jobless was nice but now the gettin up early is whooping my butt lol. I mean honestly I am in bed by 9pm lately. But I think I will be thankful when my first paycheck comes around. Also I did go to Casa De Elizabeth not this past weekend but the weekend before, and it was awesome. I really enjoyed painting Guadalupes room with my Mom and just hanging out with them all was a blast. My mom and I got to spend quite alot of quality time with Guadalupe and it was really fun. He is such a sweetheart, and he is honeslty like my little brother by blood. He is so freakin adorable, I can help but smile when we are spending time with him. As far as school its going pretty good in my Business communications class I have a 94% and that class is not exactly easy, although I am struggling in my Christianity class go figure I know less about my own religion than I thought. Anyways I am off to go relax and eat some tacos with mi madre. Adios!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

*VaLeNtInEs DaY*

Its 1:33AM so technically its Thursday so its officially Valentines Day. Not my favorite Holiday at all. I mean they should call it "Single Awareness Day" because what fun is it for the single people to watch all the not single people get flowers, and candy, and stuffed animals and stuff like that. I mean really whats the fun in the holiday unless you have a significant other? There is no fun it it! Its really just depressing lol. So to all you couples. Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy it for all of us who cant = )


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Is Just The Beginning

OF THE NEW JOB I GOT TODAY! I am so happy and thankful I got this job. Its Monday-Friday 8am-5pm with the exception of tuesdays I will leave at around 3:30p for school! Receptionist position at a Doctors office. Thank God....God is Good huh....Without him I would not have gotten this position. YAY Yay Thanks for all your prayers as well.. I love you all!!

Never Know What Ya Got Till Its "Gone"

So basically when I was at the TobyMac concert one of his songs really stuck out to me. Its called "Gone" and before he performed it he made a shout out and said it was for all the girls who are sick of being treated like dirt by guys, and if you knew my past situation you know how true the runs to my life so this is the video. Watch it, but mainly listen to the words because its SO true!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Concert.

So tonight my friend Merediths mom Susan called me and invited me to go to the "Boomin Beyond Measures Tour" which included the artist Matthew West, Jeremy Camp, and TobyMac. So since she had an extra ticket and extended the invited to me I figured I would go. Needless to say Meredith was unaware that I was going so it was all kind of a surprise to her so when she pulled up the my house and her mom went up to the door and told her to wait in the car she did but when she saw me coming out she jumped out of the car and ran up and gave me a huge hug. I would say she was pretty excited to see me. So the show was awesome. TobyMac brought the house down if you don't know who he is he is a hip hop singer, and his performance was mind blowing. Then Jeremy Camp had a pretty amazing set as well, not to forget Matthew West had a good set to. So it was a great show. Meredith was excited to get a night out considering she is grounded for about 2 months. Which I personally think is a bit much for what she did which in my opinion was nothing major. I think someone may be going overboard with it a lil bit, and its just pushing her away in the end is only going to make her rebel more. so anyways just a bit about how my night went, and whats going on with Meredith. Hang in there Meredith I love you!! muah!!'



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Club at School

So I went to a club at school this evening called Christians In Action. This gentleman in my Business Communications class is the leader of it and told me I should come. He was very nice, and introduced me to everyone, and just made me feel like part of the group from the start. It was pretty fun. We just played ping pong, ate, had some sodas. It was fun....then I got started in a conversation with a young lady named Natalie. She was extremely sweet, and we had alot to talk about and she actually doesn't even attend the Community College she is still in high school. So yea she was really fun, and super sweet. So yea just thought I would let yall know how it went!!

Peace Out!!

So Boring Day

I pretty much need to find a job. This staying home and sleeping all day stuff is getting old. I have been trying really hard to find one but none of them are working out for me. So please keep me in your prayers...I need all that I can get hehe. School last night was alright I suppose Christianity class is interesting but seriously my teacher must be pushing 86 years old and seems to not be able to talk loud enough for the whole class to hear, and the notes are all blurry and he doesn't fix those it cracks me up. But its ok because I can just print them off of the internet (oh thanks to the technology these days) so basically i just sit there and read the chapters since I can't HEAR him or SEE the notes. Then after that Business Communications, we helped an artist make a sculpture out of water bottles (random I know) but its somethin to do with recycling, and saving the earth and stuff like that, so me and a group of guys from my class cut wire to help with that. Than we did this team activity thing. It was pretty interested and since most of the groups had one person from each personality slot they got finished more quickly because they had someone that was like just get it done, and finish it, but my group was made up of more people with the same personality type according to the little quiz we took and the teacher said that we took the longest to finish but we never argued or were rude to each other like, we worked as a team so I thought that was a pretty interesting little activity. So tonight at school they have a christian club call Christians In Action and I am debating whether I want to go or not. Hmm....I dunno but people have been telling me it will be good for me so maybe I will I dunno. Well I hope yall have a great day!! Peace!! I am going back to sleep!!