Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Need A JOb!

I am in desperate need of a job. Does anyone know of anywhere that is hiring. I am looking for front desk/Receptionist jobs. SO if anyone knows of anything PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know..

I would Greatly Appreciate it!!


Sunday, March 23, 2008


TO be bluntly flat out. Having issues with the fam right now. I dont exactly know whats going on but pray for me, that I would have patience, and just all that stuff. God knows I really need it right about now. I mean I know I am almost 19 still living at home and all so I have it pretty well. But I dont depend on my parents for everything. I use my money to go out and do stuff that i want to do and buy things I want. I am trying to find myself a job so that I can have money so I can do stuff and buy things for myself. I am no longer asking mommy and daddy for money to go out to the mall or go out to the movies. So I think I am pretty much depending on myself aside from the college classes and insurance my parents both paid for. But other than that I use my money for things I have or want. I dont get how there are some kids who put their parents through hell and still get everything they want (some of you may know a certain person in my fam I am speakin of), money handed to them, and gifts handed to them like their kid is an angel. I find it odd and quite hilarious that alot of those parents think that their kid is not dependent on them so much anymore. How are they not dependent? without their parents they wouldn't have half the things they have and wouldn't be able to go out and do half the things they do. Alot of these kids dont even appreciate it. I appreciate very much the things my parents do pay for. As far as depending on them for every aspect of my life not so much. But I love both my mom and dad very dearly and they are both a major part of my life. Not needing them for everything that happens in my life is understandable but I still like them to be apart of it. Well that just a littl rant for today! Well night!! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


(This poem is one that my friend Amber wrote I found it so true so i asked her permission to put it on my page)

Are all guys this lost?
Must I lose faith in a ll of the men
On this God-forsaken planet?

What makes you think that it is alright
That it is acceptable
In any circumstance
To treat a young woman of God with disrespect.

To treat her as if she is merely property
An object
To demoralize her in such a way
That is not only disrespectful to her,
But in direct opposition with God.

My trust is fading,
Slipping away...
With every intelligent guy
That tries to pull
One brilliant act or another.
Soon, it will become nothing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know.

I was let go from the job I just started like 2 weeks ago in a doctors office. I was supposedly not a "good fit." I found myself asking the question "If they thought that why did they waste their time hiring me in the first place?" but whatever its their loss. On a good note I have 3 interviews already lined up this week. One for Cosmetic Sales at Macys which I am about to go to in an hour. One for Receptionist at Massage Envy. Than another one at the teen clothing store Anchor Blue so hopefully one of these will work out for me or something better will come along. I am in school and all so I am really not looking for like a major job or anything just something that will get me some cash lol. So ya! Well hope yall have a wonderful day and wish me luck!!