Friday, May 2, 2008


Wow lately alot has been going on. Finally got a fulltime job working as a receptionist. Plus getting some school done to at the same time....let me tell you it is exhausting. So many things have been going on lately. Not gonna get into it but lets just say some problemas with the fam have been stirring. I am pretty sure its just satan trying to sneak around and screw things up. Also, I have been pretty down about some things lately I have been trying to stay positive but sometimes it is kind of difficult. I mean I have a "friend" who will remain nameless who is no longer allowed to hang out with me. Which I think is totally unfair just because of rumors and untrue things people say about me one of her parentals assumes the worst. Which I dont think is really giving me a fair shot because in the bible it says something along the lines of treat others how you would want to be treated. I do not think they would like it very much if someone was just shuttin them out such as they are doing to me. But I am the bigger person and I have just let it be. Also, is it me or does everyone around me seem to be in that perfect relationship with the guy or girl they believe to be the one for them. I have had my share of dating crappy guys and I am ready to settle down and meet the right guy that god has chosen for me. But it is on his timing not mine and I know that so I am going to have to be patient.

I went to a college group at Cornerstone this past Thursday night. I really enjoy it I go with a friend of mine, and I really like it. The speaker is great the worship is awesome, and it is a good time. I am definitely going to continue going it was my second time and it was awesome.

Well thats about all I got. See Ya'll Later!! God Bless