Tuesday, August 12, 2008

*One Lil Miracle*

So I have been Listening to the Christian Radio Station Air1 Lately. It seems as though everytime I turn the station on I always hear this song on the radio by Hawk Nelson call "One Little Miracle" and each time I cant help but be blessed by the words. It really makes me thing Of Myself, My Mom and My Dad and Us as A family and Of course GOD. I mean the worst just give me chills everytime I hear it.

Now if you know My Family & I at all you know what we have been through together. What we have struggled through and overcome together with the prayers of our friends and family. With each others help and of course with Gods help. My daddy used to have a problem with Alcoholism. I mean it literally tore our family apart. We almost did not make it through it all together and even end up staying together as a family. But With Gods help my daddy overcame his addiction and My Mom was strong enough to do the things she had to do to get through it all. It is all such a miracle because Honestly had things not been overcome of fixed we would not be the family we are today shoot we would not even be a family (honestly we probably would be seperated) But God put his hand on the situation and fix everything and I am so grateful for that. With A Lil bit Of My MOM and a lil bit of My DAD and a lil bit of ME and ALOT of GOD this was all a miracle in the making and this is wat this song makes me thing about if you listen carefully to the words.

My Mom is honestly one of my heroes I look up to her so much. She is so amazing and The things she has been through and she still stands strong in her skin today! She is so strong and such an amazing person and I love her for it. She has taught me just by watching her that you need to be strong and Do what you Have to do, Sometimes it is not easy But you have to do it. I just think my Mom is amazing and I Thank God for her EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE!! I truly would not trade her for anything! She is my best friend and I dont know what I would do without her! I love her to death and I am so glad out of all the moms in the world I got her! She is great and I cant thank god enough for her.

Also, My Dad is my Heroe. If any of you know My Dad and I we do butt heads....OFTEN but its all out of tough love. Honestly no matter what cruel horrible things we say to each other in the middle of those stupid yelling fights I honestly dont mean them at all usually anger overtakes me.....because in all honesty I LOVE MY DADDY TO DEATH!! I also thank God for him everyday because he God not broken him free of his addiction he may not have been here today!! So I look at everyday my Dad is with me as a blessing because if things went differently things could have ended up way worse. I truely look up to him for everything he has gone through and overcome! It amazes me everyday how far he has come and I am SO THANKFUL for it!!

I love you MOM & DAD!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So I went To the DragRaces Saturday Night to watch My Pal Sean Race his New Mustang. Its weird how something like cars and stuff can make you realize something about people. I Mean seriously its crazy as I was watching I was thinking wow some of these cars are really ugly On the outside but most of them smoked the newer pretty cars by a LONG SHOT!! I means its unreal how the ones that look better lose to the ones that look bad. Than I come to the realization Oh My Gosh people are like that. I mean It is on the Inside that counts. Like these cars they could look aboslutely old and awful on the outside but it is what is inside the car under the hood the counts, that is what makes the car. With people I mean you could not be the best lookin on the outside but its what is in your heart that counts. It is whats in your hear that makes you Who and What You are. So I just thought that was pretty cool that I thought of this analagy. It is So true though. I mean people these days usually take the though of an outward appearance and Run with it. But it is really What Is Inside That Counts. So Yea I just thought I would share My Thoughts With You All!! Have a Great Day!! Love You All!!


Sunday, August 3, 2008


So Basically I have not posted in a while so I thought I would fill you in on what has been going on. I have been a pretty busy lady lately work 40 hours a week every week. Than starting school soon that will be 3 evenings a week. I am going to Mesa Community College I will be taking English 102, Rock N Roll Music History, and Hip Hop Dance. So I am pretty excited. It should be fun. I am kinda nervous though because MCC will be a new school due to the fact I went to Chandler Gilbert Last Semester. Anyways that pretty much is what I have been up to lately.......

As far as on a more emotional level. I feel as though I really have been slippin up on somethings lately. Things such as the way I have been acting, talking, and stuff like that. I have not been using the greatest language lately which is not a good habit to fall in to. Also, I feel as though my walk with Christ could be better at this point in time. That thought is something that has been burdening me lately and I have been working on it and prayin about it but if you all would keep me in your prayers that would be greatly appreciated. I just feel as though I have been slipping and it is a big disappointment to myself. I know that if I dont work on it now Satan will just attack harder and I will fall harder. Also......I will not meet the right person to be with if I am slippin. I have been waiting and Relationships I have tried to have only failed pretty badly. So I know it is all on Gods timing and going through bad times has made me realize that it is not when I am ready it is when God is ready so I will patiently wait.

Also earlier this week I heard a song on the radio by PILLAR I believe it was and it was called Smiling Down And it just was pretty much exactly what I needed to hear. Pretty much that no matter the trials you are facing God is ALWAYS smiling down on you as one of his children and that he loves you no matter what and that everything will be ok. It just pretty much brightened my day! So Just Thought I would share that and Share the Video With You.