Sunday, October 26, 2008

*~* So Beautiful*~*

This Song Is Amazing! I happened to hear it on AOL Radio While listening to the Christian Station and I was like Hmm...Who is that. So I looked him up on YouTube. I love the video and the song. Basically it served as a reminder to me that no matter what difficult times that a person is going through God helps you through it all and That everything as some light of beautiful in it no matter how bad the situation. Trust me and this point in my life I of all people would know that to be true. I am really going through hell right now. In fact me and My family are going to counseling Thursday...There was an issue with me and I just a few weeks ago put it out in the open to my parents and I think they are having a hard time coping with it, More so My dad than my Mom. So we are going to the first session as a family than I will continue to go alone from then on. So just please Keep us in your prayers and Me most of all to help get through all this and be healed.

Anyways I just wanted to share this song and video with you because I think that the song is amazing and the lyrics are Wonderful. No matter what trouble you are going through God is always with you and Will continue to help you out, and that in the Midst of all the horrible things going on and all the Darks hours that Life is still Beautiful and I cant tell you how true that is!

Love Yall

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Lil Bit Of Realness For Everyone

Dont let the Name Of the Song catch you off guard. I chose the video with the lyrics because if you read the lyrics while listening to the song it is so true. Sex is a gift given to all of us from God and it is something that should not be given away to someone who doesnt think it is important Nor should it be Taken away from you by someone who doesnt deserve it or you. Sex is a very precious thing that should happen when two MARRIED people love eachother and want to unite as ONE. So like the song Says "Think before you let it go". Also like the song says "Guys will say anything to get at your stuff" again another statement that is so true. Guys will throw the word Love around like it is no big deal if it means getting Laid. Last but not least another statement that proves to be so "Use your common sense, your worth waiting for, cuz once its gone you'll never get it back" Now days people just have sex with anyone but it is no big deal. But they will never get back that piece of themselves that each guy they slept with took.

I read a book that put it like this As a guy stand up at the alter on his weddin day the girl walks down the aisle as she nears him she starts to realize there is a long line of girls behind him....thinkin she probably doesnt want to know she asks anyways..."Who are all these girls" the man replies "These are all the girls I have Been with....they all have a lil part of me, therefore you dont get all of me" The girl gets upset..and now not only does she not get her husbands whole heart but its as thought he has a part of each of these girls...and that will stay with him.

I know its a terrible way to look at it but it is SO true. So just watch the video and think about it.


Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I am gonna do a kind of video of the day thing Kind of like my dad everytime I post a blog I put up a song that kinda is what I have been feeling like I guess. Lately I have been on a Staind kick. If you couldnt tell.

I think the song Believe is amazing....The lyrics the weak will become the strong. Believe in me I was meant for chasing dreams. I mean That is totally kind of feelings I am going through right now. I have been through ALOT and just as of recently a youth pastor told me I should really look to someone in the church as a mentor for help and counseling because I am all kinds of screwed Up so I have told someone everything and kinda gotten it all out and it is stuff I have kept in for a while and not good stuff it is stuff that is going to affect my life significantly and not in a good way! So I am supposed to be meetin with this person sometime this coming week to talk about it deeper so yeah! Everything that I have been through is hard and very tough to deal with and I am weak but I know it will all make me stronger in the end and It wont keep me from doin what I am doing and making somethin of myself!

Love You all

peace <3

Great Song...

So basically....I heard this song at my friend Sarahs Quincenera when she danced with her father. It brought tears to my eyes...Well Tonight as I sit here watchin videos on youtube I came across this song....and Having listened to other Staind songs before I know the singer has quite the past with alcohol..This is basically a song to his daughter sayin that he may not have been the best dad all along and what not....and if any of you know my Dads story you can see why I like this Song. Me and My father do tend to bump heads alot.....and in listening to this song I hope he thinks all of those things of me that this guy thinks of his daughter. Whew...eyes tearing up now...lil heartfelt moment...

Well bought to go out for a night on the town with my Peeps....Have a Good one!