Tuesday, May 26, 2009

*~*Its Been Awhile*~*

So I know its been a LONG time since I have blogged. I have had alot going on lately. I lost my job....Seeing has the economy is terrible right now all I have been doing all day everyday is submitting resumes. So hopefully something will turn up soon. If you Know of anything or hear of anything please let me know. = )

Aside from that..Haven't had to much going on lately. I have been thinking about alot lately. I see all these people my age around me that seem to have it all together..Steady Job, School, Good Relationships.....some are even getting married and starting a life with their significant other or high school sweetheart or whatever. I just feel like every1 around me has it so together. I mean people are getting married and starting families. I cant even seem to date someone and have a healthy stable relationship....I find myself questioning if I am ever gonna meet the guy god has for me and If i am ever going to be married and have a family. I mean I know I am only 20...but its discouraging when it seems as though everyone else your age is getting engaged, or already got married.......not to mention are in school now what they want to do and have stable jobs. I am not going to school and I have No job. Ever just feel like everything is on pause, and you're not going anywhere?

Thats pretty much how I feel right now. I mean I know I am at this point right now because its in Gods plan.....and he has something better for me but it just hasnt happened yet because it is in his timing, not mine. I just hope everything will fall into place.....Job, School, and last but not least a good guy that is capable of being respectful and having a steady stable healthy relationship.

I have been trying to not focus on all of it and just be patient.....I mean I did just lose my job and the guy i was dating. losing my job might not have been for the best but...losing the guy i was dating was definitely for the best. Let me Tell you if you think someone cares enough about you to change some things that need to be changed.....dont get your hopes up because most of em WILL NOT change. Many guys think they can just treat girls like dirt and the girl will stick around because they have already put their self esteem down so bad the girl doesnt think she can get any better for herself but girls can....I CAN and EVERY OTHER GIRL CAN! I know now after dating a few guys that it was a lesson learned ( i wont say time wasted cuz that is mean) But honestly most of the guys I have dated have just made me realize everything I dont want in a guy or in a relationship. So its kind of a blessing in disguise in a way. I know when I meet the guy for me I will be everything he ever wanted. Kinda like the song below describes. I heard this band on the radio and I absolutely love their songs. Especially this one....great lyrics.

Anyways.....I just thought I would share kind whats been up with me lately. Well Hope Everyone Had A Great 3 Day Weekend.

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