Sunday, November 2, 2008

*~*Wait For Me*~*

This Is an Amazing Song, Amazing lyrics, from an amazing Artist. Rebecca St. James is a wonderful singer/songwriter...Not to mention a wonderful artist. I actually just read a book by her that was a Top-Seller. It was called "Wait For Me" and she actually wrote the book after writing this song! The book was very good...usually I pick up a book and get bored with it and never finish reading it but this book was amazing. I read it and actually had a hard time putting it down as opposed to having a hard time picking it up and continuing to read it. It talks about waiting for God to put the right person in your life and remaining pure till marriage. Which is something that I think young people these days really struggle with. Honestly I think everyone struggles with temptation but when I sit and really think about it...When I meet "The One" than he will be so happy that I was able to stay strong and remain pure till I united in marriage with him. I just think that when I do meet "The One" that it will make us so much happier and draw us so much closer.

So this really kind of opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking...I mean I always really thought about it but didnt reallu understand the realness of it until this book..

SO just thought I would share with you all..


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